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Meet Pam

Studio Director

Pam Kessinger is the director of our Yoga studio and ALREADY WITHIN which coordinates all aspects of Yoga here at Pedalers Fork.  We created a beautiful, welcoming studio with a max of 10 people per class for a more personalized class experience.  Pam inspires to make Yoga “do-able” for everyone and to help you learn to reduce stress, no matter your fitness level. 

As a teacher, Pam uses Yoga and breath-work as a gateway to help others find their own deeper connection within.  With her patient, loving and playful spirit she intends to demystify Yoga and make it available to as many people as possible, one breath at a time. She’s a seeker of all things joyous, expansive and beautiful and believes more in what we don’t see than what we do see. Grounded in gratitude, she reminds us to be still, listen and know that everything we seek is Already Within.

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We have all of the props you need, just bring water and an open mind...

Practice in the natural light, from morning to night...

Create Community

Our intention for the Yoga Studio is to create community offering classes, workshops, training, and events right here in our very own Calabasas community. We have unlimited opportunities to build a community here with bonus access to food and drink resources before and after events.  Pam would love to help you bring your next idea to life!   

Contact her at / (747) 217-2122  for rental details and more. 



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