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Our Teachers

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Pam Kessinger

Pam Kessinger is the creator of
our studio here at Pedalers Fork.
Pam specializes in Recovery Yoga and
teaches it to local professional athletes
(NFL, NBA, etc.)
and everyone else in between.  

Grounded in gratitude, Pam
feels yoga should be fun and teaches
breathwork as a gateway to remind us how to
be still, listen and know that everything
we seek is Already Within.

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Marie-Gabrielle Brooks

Marie-Gabrielle has been practicing Yoga for a
number of years and recently completed her
238 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification
here at Already Within Yoga.  

Brooks says, "I started practicing yoga in my
early 50's.  At first, I found it to be intimidating
and thought it was mostly reserved for young,
strong, thin, and extremely flexible yogis.  
Turns out, it's not.  I realized yoga is accessible
to anyone with a body, an open mind, and the
ability to breathe.  I was hooked!  Over the past
three years, I committed to my yoga practice
and have improved my flexibility, strength,
mobility, and my overall wellbeing."

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Abby Craden

Abby holds her 200 hour Yoga certification and
completed advanced training with Higher Brain
Living founder Dr. Michael Cotton and is
certified to teach “Grief Yoga.” 

Abby says, "Little did I know when I walked
in the doors of a yoga studio how powerfully
my life was about to alter. As my body found
balance, strength and flexibility so my life
walked hand in hand with these shifts and
changes.  I am deeply grateful to yoga for
opening a path and inspiring me to a deeper,
more whole and integrated expression of
myself.  I am inspired to share my skills and
life experience in offering a gentle flow
class that welcomes all levels.”

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Alison Bristow

Alison Bristow has been curating a deeply
relaxing Restorative Yoga Soundbath
experience as an offering to her clients in
addiction treatment as well as for guests
at luxury wellness retreats
throughout Malibu.

These sessions invite you to move through
a handful of reclining poses supported
by yoga bolsters, blankets, and blocks,
each one accompanied by live sound from
Alison’s collection of crystal singing
bowls and symphonic gong.

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Wanda Wen

Wanda Wen brings her 25 years of helping clients
express themselves through paper and tactile
communication within her esteemed company
Soolip, and is now skillfully combining this mindful
sensibility with her yoga alignment-based
instruction. She is a consummate entrepreneur,
and is the Chief Visionary of YogaLand, an
experiential board game for the yoga enthusiast.
Wanda received her yoga training thru
YogaWorks, and is 500-hr RYT. 

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